Ministry opportunities

"Sharing our GOD given talents to aid in adding faithful Disciples to GOD'S KINGDOM"

  • Our Outreach Ministry has its own site! 

        This is the Official Home of the GOD SO LOVED  MINISTRY

    Click here to >>visit here

  • Once you get past fifty, the fun has just begun. Whether retired, just plain tired, or active as ever, the over-50 group of Bloomfield provides refreshment, ministry, and times of valuable interaction. A mentoring ministry gives older believers a chance to meet with and help younger believers grow in Christ.

  • Accountability among men is an act of integrity. Accountability is designed to protect, encourage, and develop men of all ages. This accountability group is formed by the Men of Bloomfield(MOB).   The MOB meets together the 4th Sunday of every month. The MOB's motto:                                                                 "How does the MOB speak?", "Loud and clear with one voice!"

  • Bloomfield's Women's Ministry gives the ladies in our church family - special times of interaction. It is a time of Sunday School / Bible Study, prayer and fellowship. This group provides a refreshing discipleship opportunity for our women. This group meets the 1st Sunday of every month at 8:45 am

    Young People  ministrIES


    • Every 1st and 4th Sunday, the children get to participate in their own classes. 

      Bible lessons are taught in such a way that every child gets to participate and learn.                                                              Each class teacher is carefully screened and thoroughly trained in children's instruction. 

      The Children's Church of Bloomfield is recognized for its close interaction. 

      Thank you to Sister Renee Green, Sister Kandace Garrett and all the wonderful teachers for this much needed ministry!  

      The Children's Ministry is for ages 3-13.   Please see Sis. Green if you need more Info.

    • Youth

      Each Sunday morning, the youth get to participate in their own classes. Bible lessons are taught in such a way that every youth gets to participate and learn. This age group is 14-17 yrs old.

    • Life can get complicated once you cross the threshold into adulthood. There are complicated decisions. Bigger stakes. Serious relationships. The young adult group of Bloomfield provides a welcoming atmosphere for college and early-career aged young people. For  young adults 18+

    • The Youth and Young Adult Choir bring their own unique style of Praise and Worship to our congregation. They uplift us with both traditional and contemporary songs of Praise!


    • Join the dynamic, angelic voices of Bloomfield Choir! This foot-stomping, hand-clapping, worship and praise ensemble will have you rocking for CHRIST in double time!  Our Minister of Music-- Keelyn Ellis  keeps these amazing singers at their best.

    • We meet the 3rd Sunday of every month at 8:00 am. We have open discussion on various topics concerning marriage from 8 am -8:30 am. We have Sunday School from 8:30-9:15 am. Do you have questions, concerns or comments pertaining to marriage? Come join us for friendly, thought provoking, spiritual answers. Our class is for anyone interested in marriage. This class is facilitated by Min. Varnall Smith.

    • Purpose: The Ushers' Ministry greets and serves with joy and love so that all may enter- prepared to receive the Word of God.

      Duties: Ushers are our "Gatekeepers" and responsible for welcoming members and guests into the sanctuary, directing attendees to available seats, assist in ensuring Worship Services flow smoothly.  Distribute collection plates for tithes and offerings. Ushers contact the appropriate Leaders concerning issues that disturb services.

      Ushers attend special events (i.e. weddings, funerals, special services).  These duties are in addition to Church services. 

      Willing to serve?                 Contact: Sandy Ballentine-Benson


    • Members of our Prison Ministry bring the Word of GOD into the prisons and jails. They facilitate Bible Studies--bringing instruction, Christian love, hope, and inspiration through Jesus Christ, during this difficult time of an inmate's life. Interested in sharing GOD'S love with the incarcerated? 

      Please see Min. Varnall Smith or Sis. Dianna Patterson.


    • These ministries were started in response: to Pastor Ralph White wanting our young people to have an opportunity to Praise GOD, in ways they could relate to Him.

      The anointed Sister Pam Webster answered the call of Leadership over this wonderful "Giving-GOD-Praise-Through-Dance" ministry! The Holy Spirit-led Choreographers:  

      Philandra Johnson Lofton, Michelle Ford Bradley and Tasha Day

      add spiritual zest and focus to this ministry!

      GOD has blessed this ministry to offer opportunities for the Young and Seasoned to participate:

    • Junior Mimes and Junior Praise Dancers:        ages 5 - 11

      Mimes and Praise Dancers: ages 12- and 18

      Lady Praise Dancers: ages 19 and above

       Challenging? yes!      Disciplined dance? Yes!

      Worth joining?  Hallelujah! yes!

       The Bloomfield Dance Ministry represents Christ even in dance. Their movements, even in dance are centered on Holiness, and under the watchful eye of Sis. Webster and the choreographers, dancers learn to dance with spiritual purpose - Minister through dance to tell the Good News of Salvation through Jesus Christ!

    • Our Bereavement Team understands the difficulty of making preparations for a loved one's transition services. Please allow us to counsel, minister to and pray for you and your loved ones during this time of transition. If you know of the passing of a beloved member, please call our Church Secretary with that information. If you have old programs of any of our beloved members, we would love to have a copy. 

               Call our Church Secretary:                        Majorie Jackson and inform her of that information.